Instant Answers - What are the Types of Life Insurance?

You can take a look at numerous types of life insurance through the portal right now. Learn about the attributes and limits of term life coverage, which include set periods of protection, low rates (on average), and the ability to convert to whole life packages. Explore the conservative whole life investment alternative. Earn a major dividend on your premium investments, and cash out in approximately 12 to 16 years from now.

If you're an interest rate buff, look for universal life coverage. While universal policies tend to cost slightly less than typical whole life packages, you may have to wait a substantial period of time before you can start enjoying the benefits of the dividends. Of course, you may be entitled to more flexibility in terms of your premium payments.

For something slightly more customized, check out variable universal life (VUL) programs. Manage your premium investments through mutual fund vehicles, and grow your money at a faster rate. With all aforementioned programs except for term life insurance, you can build up assets and use stored up funds to mitigate the costs of future premiums. Thus, if you accidentally miss a monthly bill, you can draw upon pooled funds to satisfy the insurance company.

Allow an maven to work through your life insurance needs with you over the phone at 866-765-4296, or make the transition today online through the service's data protected online instant term life insurance quote form. Match up with the right carrier for your needs, and craft ongoing financial security for your spouse, children, and beneficiaries.

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