Is an Employee Life Insurance Policy All You Need?

The state of the world's economy has led to many changes in the benefits that companies offer to their employees. One of these changes has been the addition of life insurance in replace of health benefits. There are many that believe this is a good thing, which in many cases it can be. But there is the matter of whether or not the life insurance coverage that your company provides for you is enough.

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The main issue you need to look at is the fact that the average funeral is now over ten thousand dollars. That amount is for the bare minimum when it comes to the expenses that are incurred, and that most often does not include other issues like the head stone. So what you need to determine is whether or not the amount of coverage that you have through your company will cover that issue.

Then you should take into consideration that you could pass on suddenly and without warning. In that case you would want to leave more than just the cost of the funeral behind to make sure that the debt you leave behind can be taken care of without putting undue hardship on the family and ones that love you. Death is always a hardship on family and there is no reason to make it worse than what it has to be by leaving behind a lot of bills that they will have a hard time paying.

Most often you will find that the life insurance that your company will offer is the bare essentials in life insurance coverage. The average at this point is less than ten thousand dollars in coverage. However, most of the companies that provide life insurance as a benefit also make upgrades to the policy available. In this instance the company will more than likely pay a certain percentage of the premium and you will pay the difference.

Employee life insurance is most likely inadequate for your life insurance needs. There are times when the policies that are given out are full of clauses and such that may make it difficult for your family to collect should something happen. If the coverage is not what you need to fully protect your family then it is best to go out and find better and more comprehensive coverage. Check out all of the options available when looking for supplemental life insurance.

It is possible that you can find a life insurance policy that will coincide with the employee life insurance policy that you already have. Check with the issuing company to see if this is the case with your life insurance policy.

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