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This category of articles examines the question: Are you shopping for Life Insurance? Topics include everything from Reviewing your life insurance needs to Life insurance in stages to how to compare life insurance quotes. There are also questions and answers such as buying Life Insurance as a gift, life insurance after a divorce, and if you should convert your current policy.


1. Can Your Weight Affect Your Life Insurance Coverage?

Life insurance is affected by a lot of different factors, some of them are controllable, and some of them aren't. You can bring down your costs if body weight is a factor...


2. Free Life Insurance Quotes

One of the first steps when you have decided to take the plunge and purchase life insurance is to find a price you can afford. The cost of monthly premiums can vary greatly between companies so it's wise to...


3. How to Choose a Life Insurance Beneficiary

Buying a life insurance policy is only half the battle when it comes to protecting the family should anything happen to you. There are many things that can...


4. Can Minor Children be Beneficiaries of Life Insurance?

When most people are buying life insurance they are thinking about protecting their family and that includes children in most cases. The matter comes to light if you happen to pass on before your...


5. Mistakes to Avoid when Choosing Life Insurance

Life insurance can be a mind blowing task if you don't have a few tips on what to buy. Insurance rates, medical standards, and what you can afford are all tied together. Make sure that you're...


6. How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?

Making the decision to purchase life insurance is an important one regardless of age. For most people they tend to think about life insurance after or during a major life change including...


7. Why Do Life Insurance Quotes Vary So Much?

The fact of the matter is that this is one of the most confusing areas for people when they are making plans for the future and one of the biggest issues that they have is the life insurance quote.


8. Insurance Terms & Definitions

A Complete list of Insurance Terms and Definitions all in one convenient location.


9. Are you Replacing a Policy?

If you currently have an insurance policy, please be prepared to tell us why you are replacing the policy. Is it because rates have changed and you can save money? Have your needs changed? Please be prepared to disclose...


10. Term Life Insurance for Smokers

 It is commonly understood that term life insurance for smokers is usually more expensive. This is because life insurance approval and rates are based on...


11. How are Life Insurance Rates Determined?

If you have spent time searching for affordable term life insurance online, you have probably discovered that different companies provide different rate quotes depending on where you go. You probably find yourself wondering...


12. Finding Affordable Term Insurance Rates

There is no such thing as the “best” life insurance policy. Everyone’s needs are unique. There is only the policy that best fits your individual needs. It is a matter of...


13. Buying Life Insurance Online

When it comes to buying life insurance online, Efinancial can give you the best term life insurance quotes. Efinancial is so trusted because the insurance-finding process is tailored to...


14. Dare to Compare Term Insurance Rates

 Efinancial does more than just provide free quotes from life insurance companies; they also scrutinize and monitor hundreds of different insurance carriers. By studying a huge number of life insurance companies...


15. Concise Introduction to Life Insurance Policy Quotes

Before you invest hundreds of dollars in life insurance coverage, it may behoove you to explore the range of your options here at

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