Term Life Insurance for Smokers

It is commonly understood that term life insurance for smokers is usually more expensive. This is because life insurance approval and rates are based on the likelihood of you surviving through your term. If you are a healthy non-smoker, you are seen as less of an insurance risk than if you use tobacco.

If you are a smoker, this does not mean that life insurance is definitely out of reach. It does mean that you will have to carefully compare instant term life insurance quotes to find the most affordable rates available. There are several other things that you must consider when looking for term life insurance for smokers.

Not All Tobacco Use is Treated the Same 


Did you know that there is difference between Cigar smokers, Cigarette smokers and Chewers? They represent varying degrees of health risks and some term life insurance carriers will acknowledge the difference which will be reflected in the underwriting class you ultimately qualify. Some tobacco users can qualify for Preferred Non Smoker rates! This means you can save and get more coverage for your term life insurance dollar.

In order for us to get you the best coverage for your situations we need to know what your level of involvement is in using tobacco products. We can sometimes obtain more favorable rates then you may think.

If you have an impaired risk or special situation, we encourage you to complete the appropriate impaired risk form. When granted the privilege to work for you; we will look at the bigger picture and provide creative solutions in easy to understand language.

Also, if you plan to quit smoking, this can positively impact your rates and likelihood for approval. Usually, you must remain tobacco free for a full year before you can apply for coverage as a non-tobacco user. If you have quit, it is also a good time to reevaluate your insurance. You can get new instant term life insurance quotes to see how much you may be able to save.

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