Can Your Weight Affect Your Life Insurance Coverage?

Life insurance is affected by a lot of different factors, some of them are controllable, and some of them aren't. You can bring down your costs if body weight is a factor, so you'll get a good price on your policy. Understand why insurance companies rate people the way they do for medical reasons, and you'll be better prepared when it comes time to sign up for top-rated term life insurance.

Weight loss is paramount before signing up for life insurance if you're over their weight criteria. If you're not sure about what healthy range you should be in check with your doctor. Standard insurance rates follow the guidelines of the American Medical Association. The guidelines are centered on a ratio of height to weight proportions. You'll notice on the standards a variation of 15 - 18 pounds because of bone size, which are small, medium and large. Your life insurance cost fluctuates depending on this guideline for weight.

Another reason companies that offer top-rated term life insurance want you trim is because high levels of cholesterol is elevated in the general population that are more than 40 pounds over weight, or that are morbidly obese. Elevated levels are often seen in certain serious illnesses such as Diabetes or liver disease. Insurances look at elevated levels though over a significant period of time. You won't be denied if on the day of your blood work, it is slightly elevated, especially if you don't have any reported cases of high cholesterol, and on medication. However, you need to be aware that if you've got any other serious negative reports about other diseases; your rates will go up with life insurance.

High blood pressure is another factor in pushing up your rates for your life insurance. Unless you have a serious disease, you'll find that your age is associated with your policy. Different companies rate their customers according to a standard for cost of insurance. For example, one company might rate you as a preferred member, if your blood pressure remains around 135/90, and another one might ensure you at a higher cost because their standards are more stringent. You can lower your levels by taking medications and get life insurance.

There are other things that you can do to help with life insurance and its rising costs. Medications in combination with healthy eating will help lower your levels, and bring off weight that contributes to high levels of cholesterol and blood pressure. Exercise is another important part of gaining control, and so is stopping smoking that damages your body, by slowing liver function, and clogging arteries. All of these bad habits will raise your life insurance.

When searching for coverage, utilize life insurance quotes online. That way you'll be able to make a wise decision on what cost you can afford. You can change a lot about your weight, and get life insurance that will be there when your beneficiaries do need it.

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