Should you Buy Life Insurance if you Have No Children?

Some people believe they do not need any life insurance because they have no children. Life insurance is not all about children and in many cases there is a more compelling reason to have life insurance then the mere fact of whether or not you have children. The idea of life insurance is protection and that protection can extend to just about anyone. It remains to be seen how many people actually prescribe to this notion but it is true nonetheless. No longer is life insurance considered to be a strictly family type issue.

People that have no children believe that life insurance is unnecessary because there is no one to leave money too. Well what about the people that you are leaving behind? There are more than just children when it comes to a family and many people tend to forget about that when planning the life insurance deal. What you should remember is the fact that there will be some financial matters involved when you pass on. This is normal and many people seem to think that dying will absolve them of all responsibility in this matter but the exact opposite is true.

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First, if you are married but childless it is only right that you purchase a life insurance policy to protect your spouse. The average funeral and burial now costs over ten thousand dollars and that is for the bare minimum when it comes to the whole affair. The pay out from Social Security is only two hundred and fifty dollars when someone dies so you can see that there is a rather large gap in between the two. If you have no life insurance or a large sum of money stashed somewhere then you are leaving the burden of paying those expenses to your spouse. There is also the matter of the living expenses that a person will have after your death. If you leave without providing for your spouse you are making life very difficult indeed.

Now you may be saying that I am not married and I really don't need life insurance. Well that is not true once again. Someone is going to be responsible for your funeral and such. That someone will be the next of kin, whether it is a sibling, parent, or other family member. If you do not have life insurance with a clear beneficiary then you are leaving the cost of your funeral and the expenses that you leave behind to your next of kin. This is an undue burden to place on anyone and you should certainly consider making life a bit easier for them.

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