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What is Efinancial?

Efinancial, LLC was founded in 2001 with a simple vision. Given the Internet’s convenience and evolving presence in the lives of everyday consumers, we created a solution from which life insurance could be sold over the internet or phone – yet with a personalized approach. Our innovative Efinancial.com process changed how potential policyholders could shop for, compare and purchase life insurance coverages through some of the top life insurance companies. 

You complete the questions on our quote form and in a few seconds our online solution will search through coverages from some of the top life insurance companies. Every search is accurate and unbiased - and delivers you an easy-to-understand comparisons of up to 12 of the most competitively priced policies available to you. 

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How We Find the Best Life Insurance Company and Policy for You

We monitor over 100 of the top life insurance companies. We allow only the best and most competitive insurers onto the Efinancial network. Now you can do all your comparison shopping at one web site without wasting time with several agents or other sites that only quote a few companies. We even offer policies specially developed for our site due to strong relationships with large companies all over the US.

Efinancial also has the most advanced processing system available to help expedite your life insurance request and keep you informed as to the status of your insurance purchase. After you submit your online application request your request will be assigned to one of our Customer Service Agents, whose job is to help you complete and expedite your request. You will also receive a weekly email keeping you informed as to the status of your life insurance purchase. If you ever have any questions you will always have the direct contact information for the Agent assigned to your request. Efinancial.com employs licensed insurance agents to help you evaluate your life insurance needs.

At Efinancial you get free Instant Quotes, low prices, our quick and easy application process, and the best customer service anywhere, all in one web site.

Find out Why Efinancial has helped thousands of Americans Save Money on their Life Insurance. Learn more about life insurance in our E-Learning Center or you can get a life insurance quote now.

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