AAA suggests winter driving safety tips

Jan 31, 2011

Driving with extra caution and maintaining awareness are some of the safety tips AAA recommends when driving in the snow.

Severe weather can be dangerous and risky for motorists, which is why AAA has provided a list of safety tips for driving in the snow and ice.

While driving in a winter storm, it is recommended that a person be fully rested, because adequate awareness will reduce risks. Making sure the vehicle's tires are full of air and have sufficient tread for traction is also crucial, according to AAA.

Keeping the gas tank at least half-full is important because any lower fuel quantity in the tank might provide opportunities for the container to freeze, says the agency. Other tips, such as avoiding parking in the snow or ice and not using the cruise control on a slippery surface remain important parts of staying safe.

Following such methods as driving slowly and have a feel for a car's brakes is something motorists should keep in mind. Try to become as familiar with the vehicle as possible, says AAA.

People should also make sure they have life insurance, so their families have financial support in case a tragic situations arises. 

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