Accidents remind motorists of the importance of safe driving

Nov 15, 2010

Van drivers need to be cautious on the road

Street conditions present a different type of driving environment for motorists during the fall and winter months. It's important for people to keep this in mind before they take to the roads.

Recently, two 15-passenger vans were involved in accidents where 10 people were fatally injured. The collisions, which took place in New York and Georgia, show how a family's life can instantly change. Having adequate life insurance is important for those who may end up in a similar situation.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is urging motorists to ensure their tires are in good condition, as proper maintenance can help prevent rollovers and other serious accidents from happening.

AAA says tires should be monitored more closely during the winter months. They recommend checking the owner's manual for proper inflation levels. Furthermore, they suggest motorists outfit their cars for winter by ensuring they have enough windshield washer fluid, a snow brush, snow shovel and jumper cables. Proper car maintenance can help keep all people safer on the road.

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