Adherence therapy may help lower hypertension rates

Apr 18, 2011

One on one adherence therapy may help reduce hypertension.

Patients with hypertension could benefit from participating in a course on adherence therapy, according to a recent article in the Journal of Human Hypertension.

The study, conducted at the University of East Angilla, discovered that nearly half of all patients suffering from hypertension fail to take their medication properly. The mismanagement of medicine includes not taking enough, not taking it according to the doctor's instructions and in some cases, not taking it at all.

Researchers looked at 136 hypertensive patients in three outpatient facilities in Jordan and divided the group in two. Half of the patients received one 20-minute face-to-face adherence therapy session per week for seven weeks, while the other half continued their usual medication regimen. The sessions covered subjects surrounding the illness, but also focused on other aspects of the patient's lifestyle and beliefs.

The results showed that the group receiving the therapy took 97 percent of their medication compared to the other group, which only took 71 percent. In addition, members of the therapy group were able to reduce their blood pressure by 14 percent, bringing it much closer to a healthy level.

Hypertension can have serious consequences, particularly stroke and heart disease. Some health and life insurers may also consider the illness when determining risk classifications and premiums for applicants.  

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