Advice to lower cholesterol

Jan 31, 2011

Exercise is one way to lower cholesterol levels.

If a person is overweight, then they need to lose the extra weight so one's overall cholesterol level decreases. The Cleveland Clinic recently released a report of strategies that can help an individual achieve those goals.

Aerobic exercise is crucial for people wanting to lose weight and raise the HDL. The report recommends starting slowly when exercising by building up to 30-40 minutes sessions at least five days a week. Walking is a good way to get started into a fit lifestyle.

Consuming 1-2 grams of soluble fiber on a daily basis may lower one's LDL by 1 percent. Foods falling into this category include fruits, root vegetables, oats, blueberries, apples and beans.

Limiting fat to 30 percent of the total calories one should ingest is important. The report notes that saturated fat should account for no more than 7 percent of total calorie intake, which may help limit cholesterol levels. Another tip is to read labels and avoid products with trans fat acids because it is a form of fat that increases plaque in the arteries.

People who follow these steps consistently for the rest of their lives will enjoy physical and financial benefits. A person ensuing a healthy lifestyle will pay lower life insurance premiums.

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