America's roads are getting safer, but accidents still persist

Nov 18, 2010

While road accidents are on the decline, people still need to be cautious

Over the past several years, a number of government initiatives have taken place in an effort to make traveling in the country safer. Recent research reveals their efforts are paying off.

Data from the Department of Transportation reveals that the fewest number of fatalities and injuries ever recorded was reported last year. U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood says the department's efforts are showing.

"It's no accident that our roads, rails, and skies are safer than ever for travelers," says LaHood. "From the outset, safety has been my number one priority at the Department of Transportation. And every day, tens of thousands of dedicated safety professionals at DOT are working to make transportation even safer."

Programs aimed at preventing distracted and drunk driving has helped reduce the number of accidents people face.

Even though the number of fatal accidents are on the decline, a number of people still die on the country's roads. It's important for people to have life insurance because a fatal accident on the road could happen, leaving a loved one no time for financial planning.

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