American Cancer Society sponsoring breast cancer walks

Nov 11, 2010

Walking events across the country can help raise breast cancer awareness.

Throughout the country, events are being held in order to recognize October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The American Cancer Society is sponsoring a number of fundraising events across the country through its Making Strides Against Breast Cancer campaign. Those interested can take part by raising money through walking in an event or sponsoring someone who does so.

Millions of dollars have been raised through the campaign funds which, are used for a number of purposes. Those include providing cancer screenings to minority and low-income women.

 The walks are also intended to get the word out to women and others about getting screened for breast cancer if they are over 40.

While some of the walks have already taken place, others may still be in the works. People interested in participating can go to the society's website to see if an event has been set up for their area. If it has already passed, people can still help through donating and increasing awareness.

Breast cancer is a potentially life-threatening disease, and one that may highlight the importance of having health and life insurance coverage.

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