Americans: We're not fat

Feb 04, 2011

Many Americans don't realize they have a weight problem

With a plethora of fast food restaurants and donut shops on nearly every street corner in many major cities, it's easy to see how Americans have earned a reputation for loving unhealthy food.

In fact, a Consumer Reports poll found that nearly 90 percent of Americans surveyed said their diet was at least "somewhat" healthy. However, less than 30 percent indicated they made an effort to cut back on sweets and fat on a regular basis.

The poll also revealed that most Americans don't get the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables. Lacking nutrients commonly found in such food can lead to negative health consequences and higher life insurance premiums.

Monitoring one's weight is important for staying healthy. Some people don't bother counting calories because they feel the technique is too cumbersome. There are, however, several websites where consumers can log on and record their meals and even obtain caloric information for products.

Regardless of whether someone monitors their own caloric intake or follows a specific diet regimen, it all comes down to the simple equation of burning off more than what is consumed. 

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