Anti-prostate cancer campaigners to work for increased government research funding

Feb 07, 2011

Anti-prostate cancer efforts could get more funding

Groups working to prevent and treat prostate cancer, which currently affects more than 2 million American males, recently released a new set of policy goals.

The Prostate Cancer Roundtable is made up of numerous prominent charities and non-governmental organizations dedicated to fighting what they call the epidemic of prostate cancer in the United States. A representative of one major participant organization, the Prostate Health Education Network, said the umbrella group's work would continue.

"Our organizations plan to aggressively continue efforts to ensure continued progress against a disease that takes the lives of some 30,000 Americans every single year, and which is particularly widespread among African-Americans," said Thomas Farrington.

The roundtable stated that it wants an increase in funding for prostate cancer research performed by the National Cancer Institute from $294 million to $400 million per year, along with other spending increases.

Regular screening is the best tool for American men to use in the fight against prostate cancer, experts say, since the condition is easily treatable if caught early enough. Staying cancer-free should also help keep life insurance rates low.

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