Arizona's Heart Attack Grill offers titillation, cholesterol

Nov 22, 2010

Massive burgers could make a real nurse necessary

Consumers looking to completely ignore doctor's orders and eat the least healthy food available should look no further than the Heart Attack Grill, according to a recent report from MSNBC.

A dish dubbed the "quadruple bypass burger" is a highlight of the menu, all of which is served by "nurses" in revealing outfits, MSNBC says. The Heart Attack Grill - located on the outskirts of Phoenix, Arizona - even hands out unfiltered Lucky Strike cigarettes to patrons.

The gimmick is clear enough - a bogus warning notice purporting to be from the U.S. Surgeon General warns "go away. If you come into this place it's going to kill you," according to MSNBC. But the overplayed focus on the unhealthiness of the food and environment does serve to highlight the link between cardiac problems and bad eating habits, according to dieticians who spoke to the news network.

Eating healthy and staying in good overall shape can help keep life insurance rates under control, experts say. Additionally, staying away from the unfiltered Luckies is probably a good idea as well.

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