Bad weather already causing accidents

Jan 21, 2011

Inclement weather is already causing accidents.

Some of the more serious accidents in the area involved an empty school bus that collided with another vehicle and a woman in a motorized wheel-chair was hit attempting to cross the street. Fortunately for the victims there were no fatal incidents, according to the Northland’s News Center.

The local authorities “partially” blamed the bad weather for the high volume of roadway issues. Duluth Fire Department Captain Bob Noldin told the news center the "slick" and "greasy" quality of the snow contributed to the problems.

The news center cited the National Weather Service snow amounts for the area, which totaled over seven inches in a 24-hour time span. An atmosphere consisting of large amounts of snow makes traveling more challenging because anything can happen, as was noted in the report when a woman slipped on the ice-riddled sidewalk and broke her arm.

While the previous examples are less serious, a fatal accident can happen, which is why people should purchase life insurance because it provides financial support when it is needed most. 

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