Bigger waists may lead to shorter lives

Dec 01, 2010

Large waistlines have been linked to earlier deaths

Having a large abdominal region can do more than just make a person look bad in their clothes. Research shows that people with a wide waist are at a higher risk of dying early.

The study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine reveals that even people who are of normal weight, but still carry extra weight around their stomach, are at risk.

"A larger waist size was found to be linked to a higher risk for dying from cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease and cancer at every measure of body mass index," says American Cancer Society epidemiologist and study author Eric Jacobs.

The American Heart Association says that over 830,000 died from cardiovascular disease in 2006. People should know that it's not just the elderly that die from cardiovascular disease. Over 150,000 people who died from the disease in 2006 were under 65, according to the AHA.

The research findings serve as a good reminder to people that it's important to stay in good health to help ensure a long life and good life insurance rates.

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