Blazes claims lives of two

Jul 11, 2011

Florida wildfire kills two

As Florida firefighters battled more than 400 active blazes in the state this week, two men lost their battle with Mother Nature, according to MSNBC. Two forest rangers with the Division of Forestry were killed in Hamilton County in north Florida on Monday.

"The wildfires have ravaged our state, burning more than 200,000 acres, and now, they have taken the lives of two of our very own men," Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam said in a statement, quoted by the source.

The 12-acre fire on the state's border with Georgia had previously been detained, but it had flared back up, the media outlet reports. The rangers were plowing with bulldozers to help re-contain the blaze and officials have not yet released how exactly they were killed.

This is the first time a ranger or firefighter has died on the ground fighting a wildfire since 1985, further showing the dangers that can be associated with this profession and the importance of investing in a life insurance policy. The men were veteran rangers and both left families behind, according to The Daytona Beach News-Journal 

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