Blood clot rate found to be higher in certain population segments

Nov 29, 2010

Some people are more likely to get blood clots than others

Blood clots can carry potentially dangerous consequences. Research reported by the American Heart Association reveals that African-Americans are at an increased risk for developing the condition.

A study with more than 7,000 participants found that after being given a drug-coated stent, African-Americans were three times more likely to develop blood clots compared to other racial groups. The findings held true even when taking into account other known risk factors.

Washington Hospital Center division of cardiology associate director Dr. Ron Waksman says it's important for people to be knowledgeable that some people are more susceptible to blood clots than others.

"Physicians and patients need to know that African-Americans are at a higher risk of developing stent thrombosis, which is associated with heart attack or death," said Waksman.

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