Bogus life insurance claim leads to jail time for Tennessee woman

Nov 22, 2010

Jail time for life insurance scammer

A 32-year-old woman from Oak Ridge, Tennessee was sentenced to six months in jail this week for defrauding the Loyal American Life Insurance Company. Robin Smith Lankford falsely claimed she had ovarian cancer in order to make a claim for $100,000.

Lankford's fraud was discovered in 2009, but legal proceedings in the case have been lengthy. She pled guilty to mail fraud in April of this year.

In addition to falsifying medical records to provide support for her bogus claim, Lankford deceived co-workers into donating money and working long hours to cover her shifts, according to local television news station WBIR. The NBC affiliate reported earlier this year that Lankford's co-workers were considering a lawsuit against her.

Along with the half-year jail term, Lankford will be placed under house arrest for another six months, and will spend the next three years on supervised release. Two cars she bought with the proceeds of her fraud have been confiscated by the government and she will have to reimburse the life insurance company for the full $100,000.

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