Brain damage from so-called 'mini-strokes' could be more serious than previously thought

Feb 07, 2011

Brain injuries can result from mini-strokes

Smaller strokes which cause slow bleeding on the brain, known as transient ischemic attacks, are generally thought not to present too much of a threat. However, Canadian researchers say the damage done by these mini-strokes may be significantly more dangerous than the conventional wisdom indicates.

The lead researcher of a study into the effects of TIA on the brain, Dr. Lara Boyd, told Medical News Today her team had found something unique.

"The brain mapping capabilities of the TMS showed us that TIA is actually causing damage to the brain that lasts much longer than we previously thought it did. In fact, we are not sure if the brain ever recovers," she said.

The study recorded significant changes in brain behavior in the period of time following a TIA, despite an absence of visible structural lesions on the brain.

Cardiovascular health is a serious matter, experts say, pointing out that sticking to a workout and dieting plan can help lower the risk of stroke and other potentially fatal conditions, while simultaneously lowering life insurance rates.

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