Breast-feeding tools now tax-deductible

Apr 07, 2011

Mothers are now able to claim breast-feeding pumps as tax-deductible.

Products that mothers purchase to assist with breast-feeding are now considered tax-deductible by the Internal Revenue Service, the agency announced.

The products, including breast pumps and other related supplies, can cost up to $1,000, according to Reuters.

Some groups have been advocating for such a provision for a long time, but had been denied by the IRS in the past.

"The IRS didn't really figure this would be a medical need versus a social or cosmetic need," Dr. Richard Schanler, head of the breast-feeding committee of the American Academy of Pediatrics told the news source.

They believe the benefits of breast feeding make it a medical necessity, especially for mothers whose newborns are unable to suckle or those who would like to continue feeding breast milk after they return to work.

Women who have recently given birth may have a number of expenses, but they could benefit from using the extra refund money to contribute to a life insurance policy. With a newborn to consider, it could be beneficial to have financial provisions set aside to provide for the baby if the mother should pass away for any reason.

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