Burial costs may soar in Bedford Township, Ohio

May 12, 2011

The cost of burials in Bedford Township, Ohio may soon increase drastically.

The expense of cemetery plots and burials in Bedford Township, Ohio may soon rise sharply, potentially adding financial concern to an already difficult time for a number of families, according to the Toledo Blade.

The source says a pending resolution with the township board would increase lot and burial costs more than four-fold. The price of burial plots would increase from $125 across the board to $300 for cremation graves and $500 for monument and flat graves between April 1 and July 1. However, after July 1, the rate for flat graves will leap for residents and nonresidents of the township to $600 and $900, respectively. Monument graves would cost residents $750 and would put nonresidents out $1,125.

Though many locals are upset by the rate hike, according to the township, the charges are appropriate and the old rates were simply too low.

"We have been losing money hand over foot on the current rates," Bob Schockman, a member of the township's cemetery committee, told the source. "We finally are charging what we are supposed to be charging."

As the cost of burials becomes more expensive, families may find it beneficial to have life insurance coverage. Death benefit payouts can be used to cover funeral expenses and may add some peace of mind to the grieving process for relatives of the deceased.  

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