Bus crash claims the life of one driver, leaves 30 injured

Aug 04, 2011

Truck hits tour bus, one dead

A bus traveling from Ontario to New York for a three-day tour was involved in an accident with a tractor trailer on Thursday, claiming the life of the truck driver. The death toll remains remarkably low thanks to the heroic acts of a United States Army soldier who immediately sprung into action when he saw the burning bus on the road, according to ABC.

The soldier was reportedly driving behind the bus and pulled over as soon as he saw the crash. He was able to drag a number of passengers out of the burning inferno, possibly reducing the number of life insurance claims related to the accident. The soldier had just been released on leave and was on his way to the airport at the time.

The bus was carrying 53 people and 30 of those passengers were injured, two critically, the media outlet reports. Thirteen of those hurt had only minor injuries and were able to walk away from the scene.

"I am surprised there weren't more fatalities," New York State Police Major Mark Koss told WABC, an ABC affiliate.

Police said the tractor trailer rear-ended the bus as it was pulling back onto the highway after suffering from mechanical difficulties.  

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