Cancer just one reason to consider life insurance

Dec 06, 2010

A cancer diagnosis can affect people of any age or health level.

With cancer striking millions of otherwise young and healthy people each year, this is just one more reason why it's worthwhile to protect the financial future of loved ones with a life insurance policy.

In fact, recent research has found that more and more people under the age of 40, regardless of gender or racial background, are being diagnosed with rectal cancer.

A recent report from the Fox Chase Cancer Center noted that colon cancer rates are still holding steady for this age group, while noting that rectal cancer rates have been averaging a 3.8 percent annual increase since 1984.

Dr. Joshua Meyer noted in the announcement that those who suspect they may have symptoms of rectal cancer, including bleeding, should seek out an endoscopic evaluation "to rule out a malignancy." The study also determined that screening guidelines do not actually need to be changed at this point because the rate of diagnosis remains relatively low.

Given the many causes and types of cancer, people should try to minimize their risk by following a healthy diet and exercising. At the same time, financial protection in the form of a good life insurance policy is also highly advisable.

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