Cancer patients may benefit from palliative treatment

Dec 06, 2010

Palliative care may make prolong life

When someone is diagnosed with any form of cancer, a fear of death arises for many. Upon diagnosis, some may want to make sure they have all their finances in place in case the unthinkable happens. Making sure that a will and trust along with life insurance can help give one piece of mind.

Patients should also consider the type of treatment they get. In addition to receiving traditional cancer treatment, those diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer may also want to consider palliative care.

Research published in the New England Journal of Medicine reveals that those who received palliative treatment greatly extended their lives.

"The patients involved in this study who received palliative care from the moment of their cancer diagnosis along with standard cancer treatment lived twice as long as patients receiving cancer treatment alone," said Provost of The Institute for Palliative Medicine Dr. Charles von Gunten. "And they were spared much of the physical and emotional suffering that is far too common among people with life-limiting illnesses."

Whatever type of treatment a patient decides to get, they should review all their options and decide what makes the most sense given their own individual circumstances.

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