CDC: Birth rates down, except for women over 40

May 04, 2011

More women over 40 are getting pregnant

New data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention could suggest more women over 40 need to consider life insurance, given their growing families.

According to the group, U.S. women between 40 and 44 saw their birth rates climb 6 percent from 2007 to 2009, with that age group experiencing 10.1 births for every thousand women. Women between 44 and 49 actually saw their rate climb 10.1 percent, though it remained low overall. On the other hand, women younger than 40 generally saw their birth rates decline, suggesting more women may be putting off motherhood to a later age.

In fact, birth rates for women between 20 and 24 dropped 9 percent to its lowest recorded level ever, while rates for women between 25 and 29 dropped 6 percent. Rates for women in their 30s dropped 2 percent between two separate groups. Overall, the CDC reported U.S. birth rates declined 4 percent, the largest drop for any two-year period in 30 years.

Complications from pregnancy can increase for older women, and doctors generally advise them to follow a strict regimen of healthy eating and regular exercise in order to maximize their potential for having a healthy baby.

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