Characteristics identified in patients most likely to die in hospital after a stroke

Nov 18, 2010

Researchers have identified characteristics of those most likely to passaway after a stroke

Having a stroke can be frightening. The experience can be enough to make people realize the importance of having life insurance. In the event of a sudden death, a life insurance policy can provide income to loved ones, which can be especially important if one hasn't had the time to get their finances in order.

A new study using data culled from more than 270,000 hospitals identified characteristics of those most likely to die after having a stroke. The research team found that 5.5 percent of those admitted into a hospital for a stroke passed away there.

The research team created a new risk model by using the Get With the Guidelines-Stroke data to identify patients most likely to die after a stroke.

"We showed that the risk score that included the NIH Stroke Scale score made more accurate predictions," says study lead author Dr. Eric Smith. "Clearly, stroke severity is the most important predictor of outcome - even more important than the person’s age and medical history."

Almost one in 17 deaths in 2006 were the result of a stroke, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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