Cities eyeing soda sale limits in their vending machines

Nov 29, 2010

More policymakers are eyeing the health effects of soda.

With little progress being made to bring down the nation's obesity rates, policymakers are continuing to explore new options to encourage people to make healthier diet choices.

One example in recent years has been the trend in school systems to reduce the amounts of highly sweetened beverages and sodas that are available in their vending machines, or to scale back on other fat-filled menu items.

More recently, at least one city is apparently considering such methods for its own buildings. According to a report in the Boston Globe, the city government is considering possible restrictions on the foods and drinks sold in its buildings.

The newspaper added that New York City and San Francisco have already taken a couple of steps toward encouraging healthier food and beverage options in vending machines on city property.

While it remains to be seen if this particular anti-obesity effort will become a nationwide trend, people are more focused than ever on reducing this problem. After all, maintaining a healthy weight is an important step toward avoiding the chronic health problems that can result in higher life insurance premiums and a greater risk for hospitalization or even an early death.

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