Cleaner air can lead to healthier lives

Nov 29, 2010

Cleaner air can lead to healthier lives

People who are in better health tend to save themselves, and their state, money. Some health and life insurance companies offer reduced premiums for those who are in good shape. Despite one's efforts to be healthy, sometimes their environment can prevent them from doing so.

The California Air Resources Board is trying to reduce pollution levels to benefit the health and well-being of the state's residents. Data from the American Lung Association reveals that designing communities with more diverse transportation options will clean the states air and better residents health.

American Lung Association in California board member Dr. Sonal Patel says a community designed with health in mind would look quite different than current models.

"If doctors and other health experts designed our cities, they would look quite different than the sprawling communities we see today," says Dr. Patel. "Cities would provide more healthy choices, more opportunities for walking and biking, better access to transit, less congestion, more housing close to workplaces and more parks for kids and families to enjoy."

The California Environmental Protection Agency says breathing in ozone can worsen asthma or other breathing problems and result in more hospitalizations for respiratory conditions.

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