Clear snow off cars for winter driving safety

Dec 20, 2010

It's important to be careful when driving in winter weather conditions

Winter weather conditions can be a challenge for even experienced motorists. Following a few standard safety tips can hep ensure people reach their destination without being in an accident.

Fremont Insurance in Michigan has some advice for motorists. Before even leaving the driveway, it's a good idea for drivers to turn on their car lights. A vehicle is more visible to others on the road when its lights are shinning.

If snow has already fallen, it's important for drivers to completely clear their vehicle. An accident can arise from snow flying off a car and obstructing another motorist's windshield.

For those who aren't familiar with driving in winter weather, Fremont Insurance vice president of marketing Kurt Dettmer says there are some common things to watch out for.

"Slick, wet and snow-covered roads, as well as everything from downpours to hail to white outs are just a few of the things that drivers can expect to deal with during the coming months," says Dettmer.

Given the increased likelihood of an accident during the winter months, it's also a good idea for motorists to invest in life insurance. The coverage is not something most people think of when it comes to driving safety, but the policy can offer a crucial level of protection. 

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