Cold temperatures force drivers to be prepared

Jan 27, 2011

Not being prepared for a winter storm can increase the risk of danger on the roads.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation released a set of tips for motorists to use while driving in a winter storm.

Drivers willing to travel in their vehicle during a snow storm may want to be sure that they have a sufficient emergency kit as well as a car that is prepared for the elements, according to the report.

"It takes less than 10 minutes to do a quick 'winter ready' inspection of a vehicle and pack an emergency kit," commented PennDOT secretary Allen Biehler. "We want all motorists to be ready, be wise and be safe this winter season."

Some of the steps to follow when preparing a car for extreme weather includes making sure the heater and defroster work, checking fluid levels and ensuring all the lights are ready for action. An emergency kit is crucial because it contains important supplies such as batteries, flashlights, jumper cables, snow shovels, blankets, bottled water, and first-aid supplies, says the report.

Life insurance is a necessary financial investment for motorists and their families, especially during the winter months when driving becomes an increased risk. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says there were 3,003 fatal crashes due to rain, snow or sleet in 2009.

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