Collisions with deer increase this time of year

Dec 21, 2010

Deer could present a fatal situation for drivers.

Deer can present drivers with a potentially fatal situation while out on the road.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, October to December presents the most dangerous time for deer collisions, as the animals are in the process of mating and migrating during these months.

"While the number of miles driven by U.S. motorists over the past five years has increased just 2 percent, the number of deer-vehicle collisions during that time has grown by 10 times that amount," the III said.

The organization notes there are a number of things drivers should do in order to prevent striking a deer. Strikes are more likely to occur during the dark hours, so motorists should be especially aware during this time of the day.

Driving with high beams may also help, as it will illuminate a deer's eyes at a greater distance, giving motorists more time to react. However, brights shouldn't be used around oncoming traffic.

Seat belts should also be worn at all times, as they can help prevent injuries during an accident with a deer. Given there are a number of dangers presented by the road, consumers may also consider purchasing a life insurance policy to help protect their families.

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