Commercial plane crashes in Congo

Jul 20, 2011

Another plane crashes in the Congo

During a flight from Congo's capital Kinshasa to the northeastern city of Kisangani a passenger plane crashed on Friday, according to the Associated Press.

Hewa Bora Airways, the country's largest airline, has been plagued by several crashes during the last few years. The company was not able to say how many people died and how many life insurance policies may be activated.

"I confirm the crash of one of our planes," Stavros Papaioannou, the chairman and CEO of the airline, told the media outlet. "I don't yet have the details but it's sure that some of the people died."

Experts from the Congolese Aviation Authority believe the plane may have crashed due to bad weather just as it was landing. The plane was just a few meters away from the airport when it went down. There were reportedly 40 survivors rescued at the scene, but 53 people are feared dead, according to The Guardian.

In 2008 one of the airline's DC-9s crashed into a busy market after failing to lift off, the media outlet reports. Forty people were killed, most of them on the ground. Shortly after that accident a plane carrying 17 passengers went down, killing everyone on board. 

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