Connecticut lawmakers target smoking in private clubs

Feb 21, 2011

Smoking ban could be extended to private clubs

While a majority of states now have bans on smoking in most public buildings and businesses, there are frequently establishments that constitute an exception to the rules. However, one such exemption - enjoyed by private clubs in Connecticut - may be eliminated soon, according to the Associated Press.

Golf clubs, branches of the VFW, and others are some of the few remaining places in the state where smokers can stay indoors, the AP said, but a bill before a public health committee in the Connecticut Assembly would add them to the list of smoke-free venues.

Vince Valvo, of the Hartford Club's board of governors, told the press agency the change would hurt his business and others like it.

"It's a difficult time for clubs to keep members given the economy. We run on membership dues and an awful lot (of members) do like having the advantage of a smoking lounge," he said.

Advocates of smoking bans say they cut down on the number of smokers in their jurisdictions, allowing ex-smokers to take advantage of improved health and life insurance rates.

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