Contest helps others, promotes weightloss

Feb 04, 2011

A contest encourages people to lose weight

Those who resolved to lose weight in 2011 have an extra incentive to do so thanks to the Pound For Pound Challenge.

The initiative includes efforts from the television program "The Biggest Loser," General Mills and Subway. The program encourages overweight people to pledge to lose weight and help keep food pantries stocked.

Television show Biggest Loser host Allison Sweeney says the contest serves as another motivating factor for people to drop their excess weight.

"The Pound For Pound Challenge gives Americans an extra incentive to get in shape and make healthy changes to their lives," says Sweeney. "I love this program because it inspires people to fight the hunger crisis by improving their own health."

The health and financial consequences of being overweight or obese should also help motivate people to get into better shape. Those with weight problems are at an increased risk of developing serious and costly medical conditions, such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Because of the seriousness of such ailments, those diagnosed with the aforementioned conditions are more likely to have to pay higher life insurance premiums.  

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