Cooking fires can be hazardous

Dec 20, 2010

Many fires start in the kitchen

A house fire with deadly consequences doesn't have to have a sinister plot behind it. Ever year, a number of blazes begin at home while cooking.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety says nearly half of all residential fires in the state begin in the kitchen. The likelihood of a fire starting in a cooking area is higher than in other parts of the home due to the range of electrical appliances and open flames frequently used in the room.

Deputy state fire marshal Becki White says people need to be diligent when cooking.

"It's hard to believe how quickly a frying pan can overheat, or how easily a carelessly placed towel can ignite," says White. "The key to fire safety in the kitchen is attention - constant, unbroken attention to what's happening on the stove and in the oven."

Given how quickly a home fire can engulf a house, it's important for people to be prepared. Having homeowners and life insurance can help families ensure they will have the funds necessary to rebuild their lives should their living quarters get caught in a blaze.

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