Cooks reminded to be careful while preparing Thanksgiving meal

Nov 22, 2010

People need to be careful when preparing a meal

A home fire can happen at any time, making it important for people to have homeowners and life insurance to protect themselves and loved ones. Many may underestimate how dangerous a blaze can be. The National Fire Protection Association says approximately 2,860 people die every year in home fires.

With more people heading to the kitchen to prepare lavish meals for Thanksgiving, fires can be even more likely. According to claims data from a major insurance company, claims for cooking-related fires surge more than 50 percent on the holiday.

Illinois Fire Service Institute investigation and prevention program director Eddie Bain says cooks need to be diligent when preparing their Thanksgiving feast to avoid fires.

"One of the worst things that can happen with turkey frying is getting splattered with hot oil," says Bain.

Getting splashed with oil is more likely to happen when something cold comes in contact with the ingredient. The combination of hot oil and a frozen turkey can result in bubbles and splashes. It's also important to never leave anything cooking unattended. Closely monitoring meal preparations can ensure a fire is put out more quickly should one happen.

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