Deadly home fires can be prevented

Dec 10, 2010

Home fires can be deadly

A many home fires each year are caused by space heaters. In a number of cases, the fires can be avoided.

The National Fire Protection Association says 14 percent of home blazes are the result of a heating source being placed too close to flammable objects. Also, the NFPA says nearly half of all home heating fires take place between December and February.

NFPA vice president of communications Lorraine Carli says safety precautions can stop fires from happening.

"Because home heating fires are largely the result of human error, the majority of them are preventable," says Carli. "By following basic safety precautions and making some simple modifications and adjustments, people can greatly reduce their risk."

It's important for people to shut off space heaters and other electronics when not in use, especially before going to bed. A number of people are die in fires each year because they didn't escape a home in time.

It's also wise to have life insurance. People never know when they may find themselves amidst a life-threatening situation. 

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