Diabetes can make life insurance shopping difficult

Jun 21, 2011

Pre-existing conditions can hamper life insurance options

People with pre-existing conditions, like diabetes or cancer, may have a difficult time finding a company that will write them a life insurance policy. It can take a lot of shopping around, from company to company, until a person finally finds a carrier that is willing to represent them, according to the Palm Beach Daily News.

The stage of a person's condition can also play a big role in the type of insurance a company is willing to provide. If a diabetic is type 2, which means they are complying with doctor's orders and maintaining a healthy weight and exercise regime, they are more likely to get insured than someone with type 1 diabetes, according to the news source.

As medical care continues to improve, some diseases have become more manageable, and thus less of a deterrent for life insurance companies, the media outlet reports. If a person has cancer it is not uncommon for a company to review the latest pathology reports to determine the stage of the disease.

"Many life insurance companies require that a certain period pass, such as one to three years, from the onset of certain heart diseases and cancers," Susan Mancione, an insurance broker, told the Daily News.  

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