Diabetes management product set to go global with new financing

Feb 21, 2011

iPad of diabetes? New system could be it

A disease management system its creators have dubbed the "iTunes of diabetes" is being prepared for widespread availability, UK company Cellnovo announced recently.

Numerous high-profile European investors have been signed up to be a part of the project, Cellnovo said in a statement. The company's CEO, Bill McKeon, said he was grateful for the new financial backing and that the company would now be able to greatly expand its offerings.

"We are honored that this extraordinary team of investors has demonstrated tremendous confidence in our system and our efforts. This partnership will allow Cellnovo to advance diabetes management and improve the lives of diabetics around the world," he said.

Cellnovo's system combines advanced delivery systems for diabetes drugs like insulin with mobile communications technology, allowing for remote tracking and management of the condition.

Experts say that diabetes continues to be a major health issue in the U.S., lowering life expectancy and raising health and life insurance costs for millions of consumers. One variety of the disease is often caused by poor lifestyle choices, meaning that a healthy lifestyle should be of paramount concern to those at risk.

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