Disease prevention can save more than just you

Dec 20, 2010

Healthy lifestyles can prevent disease and can save you and the country money.

If a person decides to live a healthy lifestyle, they are not only helping themselves but it could save the United States billions of dollars a year in medical costs, according to a U.S. News report.

The report indicates that reductions in the rates of diabetes, high blood pressure and poor health related conditions may affect health care spending. The study, which used 2003-2005 data from the Medical Expenditure Panel Survery, concluded that reducing the prevalence of diabetes and high blood pressure by 5 percent would save the nation roughly $9 billion a year in the near term, according to the report.

Researchers from the American Public Health Association, say, “Our estimate that $24.7 billion in excess medical spending would be avoided annually if primary prevention were able to achieve a 5 percent reduction in only the conditions we examined can be considered a conservative estimate of the investment in prevention activities that could be offset by medical care savings alone."

In order to get to that point, people need to consistently diet and exercise properly because it will benefit lives from a physical and financial perspective. Healthier individuals will generally pay less for life insurance premiums, and the chance of acquiring a disease diminishes when an individual follows a healthy lifestyle, experts say.

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