Don't cut life insurance when trimming the budget

Sep 28, 2011

Families may be saving money and cutting expenses, but life insurance is not something to cut out of the budget.

The current economic climate has forced many consumers to tighten their budgets and make cuts to various expenses. However, consumers should not get rid of their life insurance policy, because the product is a vital component to a strong financial future.

Motley Fool reported that life insurance policies can help surviving spouses and family members avoid a financial crisis in the event of a loved one's death. Families often use life insurance benefits to replace lost income, pay off credit card loans, reduce mortgage debt and assist in paying for children's college educations.

The news source reported that a selection between permanent and term life insurance enables policyholders to find affordable coverage that can evolve as lifestyles and needs change over time. Getting married or having a child can affect how much coverage a policyholder wishes to have, and most plans can be converted when these life events occur.

In addition, the source notes that while employer-sponsored life insurance policies are a good option to have, policyholders would benefit by having separate coverage from a private policy in case the employment ends and the policy is lost.

The Chicago Sun Times reported that many policyholders are unaware of their changing life insurance options. Once a policy has been purchased, customers may not necessarily be locked into the plan forever. Options, benefits and prices are always changing with life insurance policies, and it is the responsibility of policyholders to speak with their financial planner and receive regular updates on all new options for their policy and beneficiaries.

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