Drastic changes not necessary for weight loss

Feb 04, 2011

Many women may have misconceptions when it comes to weight loss

A new study reveals many women may not be going about weight loss the correct way.

A poll combining the efforts of Shape Magazine and Splenda Sweetener found nearly 40 percent of women feel they would need to cut their food consumption down to less 1,000 calories a day in order to lose 20 pounds within a year.

Shape magazine senior health and nutrition editor Sharon Liao says it is not necessary to make drastic changes to one's diet or lifestyle in order to lose weight.

"We found that many women are implementing major lifestyle changes to lose weight," says Liao. "Oftentimes it's small, simple changes that are not only crucial to the weight loss process, but are also healthy and effective in the long run."

Little changes can also make it easier to maintain weight loss. Something as simple as swapping mayonnaise with mustard can still provide a sandwich is plenty of flavor with a fraction of the calories. Sneaking in extra exercise by parking at the far end of the parking lot and taking the stairs instead of the elevator at work can really add up.

Losing weight may also help people save money as well through lower health and life insurance premiums.  

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