Driver fatigue cited as reason for deadly accident

Nov 22, 2010

Driver fatigue can cause accidents

Motorists and their unsuspecting passengers get into accidents that cause serious injuries, including death, every day. The reasons behind such accidents vary.

As of late, distracted driving has received the most attention by media and lawmakers. However, the National Transportation Safety Board announced on September 28 that a multi-vehicle accident in June of 2009 was due to driver fatigue.

The accident resulted in 10 deaths and five others receiving injuries ranging from mild to serious when a truck-tractor semitrailer and other vehicles.

NTSB chairman Deborah Hersman says that federal regulations need to be implemented to prevent such accidents from happening again, including a fatigue management system, event recorders, a warning system.

"The time to act on all three of these safety fundamentals is now so that this kind of horrific tragedy will not occur again," says Hersman.

Unexpected events, such as a major motor vehicle accident, highlights the importance of having life insurance. It's impossible to predict when one might be involved in a tragic accident. Even the most careful drivers cannot have control over another motorists actions.

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