Drug-resistant bacteria getting more attention from medical world

Nov 29, 2010

Some bacteria resistant to common cures

Healthcare professionals around the world have long worried about the dangers carried by drug-resistant "superbugs" that can kill and sicken even relatively healthy hospital patients and others.

The issue has been back in the public spotlight recently because of reports out of India involving a certain strain of drug-resistant bacteria. Otherwise, the best-known example of this case may be the MRSA bacteria, which are a relatively common issue in U.S. hospitals.

Elderly and very sick people are among those most prone to falling victim to drug-resistant bacteria while hospitalized - even for routine medical procedures. Still, almost anyone can find their health and even their life threatened by this and other seemingly random afflictions.

With that in mind, investing in a life insurance policy is the best bet for even young and healthy people when it comes to knowing that loved ones will maintain their financial stability even in the event of a premature death.

A recent Associated Press report noted that when it comes to avoiding drug-resistant bacteria infections, hygiene is the most important first step. Another good strategy is to avoid using unnecessary antibiotics, since this can help lower the body's natural defenses.

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