Education key to managing diabetes

Dec 01, 2010

Diabetes can be controled with proper care

Diabetes can be a deadly condition that results in higher life insurance rates. However, research shows that education may help improve health and reduce private insurance costs.

A study of private insurance and Medicare claims commissioned by the American Association of Diabetes Educators found that patients who received diabetes education for more than a year were more likely to follow medication instructions and need fewer hospital trips. The AADE says that the research shows that education has a lasting effect on patients and their health.

"The study confirms the argument that diabetes education is not a one-shot deal," says AADE chief science and practice officer Karen Fitzner. "There are clear benefits to ongoing, long-term diabetes education that not only bend the cost curve, but improve the health of patients with diabetes."

Being able to control one's diabetes is critical. The American Diabetes Association says that over 233,000 people lost their lives due to diabetes in 2005. In some cases, diabetes can be managed and even prevented through proper diet and exercise. Such actions may also result in better life insurance premiums.

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