EPA aims clean up air overseas

Nov 22, 2010

Common activities can expose people to harmful toxins

Every year, thousands of people are sickened and die from particulate matter pollution in their homes from industry and vehicle exhaust. The problem is particularly evident in developing countries.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is teaming up with the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves to help reduce people's exposure to toxins. Almost 2 million people die annually from inhaling the chemicals.

EPA administrator Lisa Jackson says the agency will use their years of experience to help make conditions better overseas.

"As a first step in this new partnership, EPA will invest $6 million over the next five years to enhance efforts at stove testing and evaluation, cookstove design innovation and assessments of health benefits," says Jackson.

Many people in developing countries don't think twice about their cooking methods, just as many people in the U.S. enjoy every day activities without thinking of the potential hazards they may present. Walking outdoors along a busy road, for example, can expose people to toxic diesel fumes and put them at risk for getting hit by a motor vehicle. It's important for people to have life insurance because one never knows what the future holds.

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