Exercise recommendations for diabetics released

Jan 27, 2011

It's important for diabetics to exercise

Those diagnosed with diabetes must manage their diet to ensure their insulin remain at an appropriate level. Recommendations published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise shed light on appropriate activity levels for those with the disease to follow as well.

Type 2 diabetics are urged to get 150 minutes of vigorous exercise each week. Ideally, workouts are spread out over several days.

Sheri Colberg chaired the writing group and says it's important for people to participate in strength-building exercises as well. Lifting weights or using resistance training can help build and maintain strong bones.

"Most people with type 2 diabetes do not have sufficient aerobic capacity to undertake sustained vigorous activity for that weekly duration, and they may have orthopedic or other health limitations," says Colberg.

Such findings stand to help a large number of Americans. There were nearly 18 million people with type 2 diabetes in the country in 2007, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Those who have diabetes are likely to face higher life insurance premiums as a result. However, following such recommendations can lead to better management of the condition. 

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